Installation of the Freezteq DPC into an historic structure.

Originally constructed in the latter half of the 19th century by architect Gaetano Burelli, this historic house in the heart of Bucharest was refurbished in 2012.

Bought from Burelli in 1890 by the architect Ion Mincu, the building now bears Mincu’s name and is home to the Romanian Order of Architects.

The building, having been transformed from a house into an historical monument that the public can now access, underwent a significant renovation program, with the design team and contractors paying close attention to the smallest of details to ensure preservation of the structure’s history and status. Using historic photographs, the frescoes, wooden panelling, and furniture were all carefully restored to as close as to their original state as was possible.

One of the few modern technologies used within the renovation was the inclusion of Freezteq damp proofing in the original building. The addition of Freezteq ensured the structure was protected from rising damp, helping in the preservation of this historic building and its finishes.