Installation of Freezteq Damp Proof Course in Red Brick

Staffordshire is a county in the midlands of England. This “modern” house, probably dating from the 1970’s or 1980’s had suffered from a failed damp proof course that had been installed when the house was built. 

Freezteq was selected by a local business which had been engaged by the owners to resolve the issue and reinstate the finishes on the walls to a habitable condition. 

The typical signs of rising damp were showing on the lower floor walls, including a darkening of the paintwork and skirting boards, in addition of the growth of mould.

The decision was made to reinstall the damp proof course along the whole wall length. 22 mm holes were drilled at 110 mm centres into the next mortar line, above the originally installed DPC to receive the frozen Freezteq sticks. and were blown out and cleaned. 

Once the preparation work along the full length of the affected wall was complete, the Freezteq sticks were installed and completed the same day. Ultimately the holes were closed and filled with fresh mortar to remove the visual impact of the treatment on the walls.