Freezteq Original

Freezteq Original comprises of a pre-packed solution, containing active ingredients, which is frozen before use. Once holes have been drilled into the mortar line of the wall the frozen sticks are inserted directly into them. This methodology is the most direct way of tackling the damp head-on, targeting the major pathways for rising damp.

The product is extremely effective, because of the manner in which it slowly disperses the active chemicals throughout the capillaries. The Freezteq Original stick, with its unique frozen application methodology, offers so many advantages over other competing products.

Freezteq Original works by reversing the natural processes of capillary action. Capillary action itself is caused by three forces: adhesion, cohesion, and surface tension. Within a capillary that is experiencing rising damp, the adhesive water molecules are more powerful than the cohesive molecules, and the surface tension keeps the water as a body. The adhesive molecules are more attracted to other surfaces, in this case the capillary walls. This attraction, or adhesion, causes the water to rise up the capillary.

When the Freezteq Original sticks melt, the active ingredients within the product slowly diffuse throughout the structure and are then deposited on the walls of the capillaries. These ingredients can be described as ‘hydrophobic’ meaning that they repel water. The effective dosage of the product, and the highly important controlled release of the active ingredients into the capillaries, ensures that the aforementioned forces are disrupted, and the rising damp ceases.

Freezteq Original product installation

Technical Advantages

  • It is non-pressurized – this limits the potential damage that some pressurized systems can create.
  • Easy to quantify the exact amount required to treat a wall.
  • Using the same medium to carry the active ingredients, namely water, it targets exactly where the problem is.
  • Still allows the structure to breathe as normal.

Practical Advantages

  • Simple and quick application.
  • External or internal application.
  • Versatile- can treat a variety of masonry types and wall widths.
  • No specialist equipment needed.
  • Odourless.
  • Non- flammable.

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