breathable render system

Freezteq Breathable Render System

The Freezteq Breathable Render System comprises of a range of high-quality products that have been specifically developed to allow for the reinstatement of wall finishes as soon as is practicable, after the application of Freezteq Original

Following the application of Freezteq Original, moisture and salts above the Freezteq treatment line will still remain within the wall. These will want to come out of the structure and so careful consideration has to be made on how and when to reinstate finishes.

In most cases, if the Freezteq treated wall is reinstated with the same type of materials that were removed, such as gypsum-based plasters, problems can soon manifest again if insufficient time has been given to allow the wall to dry out. How quick a wall naturally dries is dependent on many variables, such as the thickness of the wall, how saturated it is etc., In almost all cases, the natural drying out of the wall though will take a considerable time. Attempting to reinstate with the wrong type of finish before the conclusion of the drying out period will most likely result in further debonding of the new finishes and unsightly salts re-appearing. Applying the Freezteq Breathable Render System however not only allows the latent moisture above the Freezteq treated line to escape, it also allows the remaining salts within the wall to continue to be released into the base layer without debonding the new finishes.

Freezteq BR-Base

Freezteq BR-Base is a highly porous material that exhibits water repellent properties. It is designed for the internal restoration of damp masonry structures.

It assists with the natural drying out of the brickwork and is able to retain salts within its highly porous structure. As a result of these combined properties, it is highly effective at protecting against moisture damage. It meets the requirements of EN 998-1.


  • Exhibits high diffusive permeability.
  • High absorption capacity for salts.
  • Long-term ability to suppress the effects of moisture.

Freezteq BR-Base is a single-component dry mortar mix. It is suitable for interior applications. It consists of Portland cement, lime, standard and lightweight aggregates, a number of speciality admixtures (to include water-repellent admixtures that suppress water absorption) and polypropylene fibres (primarily to aid with durability).

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Freezteq BR-Finish

Freezteq BR-Finish is a part of the Freezteq Breathable Render system. Used as the final coat of the system, it provides a fine finishing layer. It is applied up to a thickness of 2mm.

It is a single-component, dry mortar mix based on inorganic binders, standard and lightweight fillers, and specialist admixtures that ensure the increased porosity and water repellent properties of the coating. It meets the requirements of EN 998-1


  • Exhibits a low diffusion resistance – allows transmission of water vapour.
  • Provides a suitable base for the application of appropriate paint coatings.
  • Final surface provides an architectural finish.

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Freezteq base render bond product

Freezteq BR-Bond

Freezteq BR-Bond is a part of the Freezteq Breathable Render system. It is an effective adhesive coating, used to ensure good anchoring of the Freezteq BR-Base to substrates.

It is a single-component, dry mortar mix which has excellent adhesive properties. It is porous in nature, having good water vapour permeability characteristics. The anchoring compound is composed of Portland cement and specialist admixtures which ensure good adhesion and extensive aeration of the mix. Meets the requirements of EN 998-1 Annex ZA.


  • Mixed only with water.
  • Applied manually.
  • Good adhesion to base.
  • High porosity.
  • Low diffusion resistance to water vapour.

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