Detailed Installation Guide


The surface that is to receive the Freezteq BR-Finish has to be a well-cured, Freezteq BR-Base. The Freezteq BR-Base must be clean and level, with no protrusions, so that it can be covered completely with the Freezteq BR-Finish. The surface of the base render should be coarse and ‘open’ to ensure a satisfactory mechanical bond of the Finish coating. For this reason, the base render should not be finished with a steel, felt, or PVC trowel.

It is also recommended that the base surface be scratched with a devil trowel or a steel wire brush. Excessively dry base renders should be lightly moistened prior to the application of the Finish coat.


The Freezteq BR-Finish must be mixed with the recommended amount of clean water. Water consumption is typically 11 – 12.5 litres per 1 No. (25 kg) bag of product. The consistency should be suitable for manual application.

Small amounts of the render may be mixed in a pail with a mixing paddle fitted to an electric drill. Larger amounts may be mixed in conventional mixers. When using a gravity mixer, the time of mixing is typically between 5 and 10 minutes. Timings may vary depending on equipment, and should be adjusted accordingly.

The working time at 20°C is typically between 60 and 90 minutes. Neither the temperature of the substrate, nor the temperature of the ambient air, should be below + 5°C, or above + 30°C during the application process.


Freezteq BR-Finish is applied with a standard trowel only, in a single coat, with a thickness of no greater than 2mm. Any greater thickness will result in the risk of shrinkage and cracking.

After the initial set, the coat is finished with a felt, rubber, foam or polyurethane trowel.


The final surface must be protected from direct sunlight, wind and other factors which could result in excessive evaporation.


Depending on the temperature and relative humidity, application of paints on top of the Freezteq BR-Finish should be applied a minimum of 14 days after the render coating has been applied. (It is more preferable that 28 days have passed before any paint is applied to the render.)

Note. Application of glue-based paints or casein distemper paints, that contain organic components, must be avoided as the materials have the potential to promote the growth of moulds under humid conditions. All finishing paints, , must be breathable. When applying any type of paint or the like on to Freezteq coatings, the user should carry out trials and appropriate testing, under project conditions, to satisfy themselves that there is sufficient adhesion between the finishing coat and the base to which it is being applied.