Installation Guide


The substrate must be damp, but devoid of free water. All dirt, dust and inorganic deposits must be removed from the surface prior to application


The product is supplied in the form of a concentrate, and therefore needs to be diluted with clean water at a ratio of: 1 part of Freezteq AM-10 to 6 – 8 parts of clean water (dependant upon the nature of the surface being treated).

For Removal

It is applied by either spray, roller or brush directly on to the surface.

After several days, any unwanted growth of algae etc… on the surface will typically disappear without any further action being required. A second application is only necessary if there is significant amounts of growth on the surface.

After approximately 7 days, depending on the temperature and humidity, the surface should be washed with clean water using a pressure washer.

For Prevention

It is applied by either spray, roller or brush directly on to the surface.

The use of Freezteq AM-10 is also recommended prior to the application of most types of paint, as it significantly decreases the risk of the formation of unwanted growth under the paint layer, which is one of the most common causes of paint blistering and peeling off.

All Applications

The temperature of the substrate and ambient air must not be below + 5 °C or above + 30 °C during application.

All tools used in the application can be cleaned with water.

Trials and appropriate testing should be carried out under project conditions so at to ensure compatibility, and that the product meets the requirements and expectations of the user.