What is the problem with damp in buildings? 

Damp, whatever the cause, within the structure can deteriorate the materials and compromise the integrity of the building. When moisture is left untreated it migrates into the substrate (masonry, mortar etc.) and then can cause further, more serious issues such as spalling and cracking.

When assessing a building for dampness, it is important to consider all possible sources of water. Damp in buildings is not always rising damp, there are many reasons for walls to be damp. All potential sources should be investigated such as defective gutters, drains, plumbing, lateral water penetration etc.

The Resolution
Whatever the cause, water within a structure not designed to have it constantly in/on it will cause damage over time to either or both the structure and human health.

Therefore, terminating the problem as soon as possible either via repair, utilizing the Freezteq solutions or both will improve the life of the structure and its inhabitants.

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