Breathable render system

What is the problem with Breathable Render?

Breathable Render is a reinstatement mortar to give an architectural finish to a damp wall. With rising damp terminated with Freezteq the wall will take time to dry out.

If the Freezteq treated wall is reinstated with the same type of materials that were removed, such as gypsum-based plasters, problems can soon manifest again if insufficient time has been given to allow the wall to dry out. How quick a wall naturally dries is dependent on many variables, such as the thickness of the wall, how saturated it is etc., In almost all cases, the natural drying out of the wall though will take a considerable time. Attempting to reinstate with “traditional” based finishes before the conclusion of the drying out period will most likely result in further de-bonding of the new finishes and unsightly salts re-appearing.

Applying the Freezteq Breathable Render System however not only allows the latent moisture above the Freezteq treated line to escape, it also allows the remaining salts within the matrix of the wall to continue to come out without debonding the new finishes.

freezteq breathable renders