Our History

Freezteq Original, as it’s known today, was developed in the 1960’s. Since then, it has been readily available in the United Kingdom as well as internationally.

The Origins

Working part-time for a building company in Hertfordshire, whilst also studying at Reading University, a young entrepreneur noted the continuous and significant issue of rising damp on so many construction sites. These issues were typically resolved by the building company bringing in a specialist sub-contractor to deal with it. Aware that other systems were available, his interest piqued resulting in the foundations of a new product.

Freezteq installation history

Building Experience

The fledgling businessman had familiarised himself fully with the gravity, ‘bottle-fed’ system, and was aware of the limitations it had; primarily with the lack of control over the speed and volume chemical entered the defective substrate. There were also other practical issues with this system, including blockages occurring in the feed pipework. This resulted in specialist sub-contractors having to revisit site at extra cost and delay. Alternatively, the high-pressure injection system available at the time, also had diffusion rate issues, due to the speed that the material entered the substrate. In addition, this system often suffered issues, such as a pungent, unpleasant odour being released during application, and mortar ‘blowing out’ under the pressure.


Aware of the limitations of the systems available, the decision was made to come up with a better solution, with the gravity, ‘bottle fed’ system being selected as the way forward. Feeling that this was currently the best technical solution available, but also being acutely aware that there were refinements needed to be made to make it a more effective system, the journey began to find the best solution.

Freezteq frozen chemical

Now undertaking his own installations, he soon learnt from his on-site experiences. With a little improvisation, he used tins as the receptacle to hold the chemical in his ‘bottle fed’ system. This improvisation was to prove a critical step in developing Freezteq Original. One February morning whilst attending site, he noted the frozen dew on the outside of one of the metal tins. This observation started a thought process that would ultimately lead to a revolutionary change in the rising damp industry.

The Idea

Just suppose the product was frozen? The product could then steadily melt, allowing the material to diffuse at a rate more manageable. This in turn would allow broader penetration of the material ensuring a more comprehensive, complete retrospective damp proof course to be installed.

This ‘light bulb moment’ was the catalyst for change. However, for a frozen method of application to work, detailed consideration had to be put into the chemical used. With a wealth of practical experience gained in the ‘field’, the young entrepreneur’s in-depth research commenced. He was soon on his way to founding a unique and revolutionary product.

Old Freezteq vehicles


Using all his practical knowledge, trials and testing were undertaken. These soon created a ‘workable’ product for site applications. Using the ice trays from his freezer, he created cubes of the product, which were then placed in funnels on site. The system worked, but there was still room for improvement. This want for refinement played on his mind until one ‘Eureka’ moment two years later, at 2am in the morning, he woke with a start. Why not form the chemical into rods that could easily be inserted into the wall, eliminating the need for any additional apparatus? With not a moment to waste, he jumped out of bed and told his wife he was ‘off to the factory’. Using copper tubes, he carefully poured the chemical in to create the rods. Once frozen, he quickly dipped them into hot water to help ease them out of the tubes… and there it was… the first true prototype of Freezteq Original as we know it today.

The new product was unique. It had the ability to melt the chemical directly into wall, allowing the flow of diffusion to be slowed into the porous substrate, giving a more comprehensive coverage. Blockages of the apparatus would also be a problem of the past. This new aqueous based product would follow the same pathways as the rising damp, thus proving to be extremely effective at dealing with the problem.

The Product

And so, in 1965, Freezteq Original, the product now widely used around the world, was born. With a few minor and subtle amendments, such as replacing the copper pipes with alternative packaging, the product went from strength to strength. However, the man behind the product, was not only intelligent he was also practical. He wanted to keep this unique product, and the advantages it gave over other systems, to himself. After all, at heart he was an applicator and not a salesman. He saw how he could develop his application business quickly and successfully.

But it’s difficult to keep a good product quiet, and it was not long before it was gaining attention from around the world. The inventor of this brilliant new product was soon being quizzed on it, with reluctant appearances on Swiss TV after winning the Gold Medal at the Salon International des Inventions et des Techniques Nouvelles in Geneva. International success with the product soon followed, despite the reserved nature of the man behind it.

Now under new ownership, the Freezteq Original is relaunched and expanded to provide a complete system to resolve all your damp issues.

There are also solutions now available for the removal and prevention of moss growth, as well as anti-graffiti coatings.

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