About Freezteq

Freezteq® has been providing a solution to rising damp since 1965. Highly diverse, Freezteq has been used to eradicate rising damp in a multitude of buildings worldwide, with repeated success. 

Freezteq comprises of a pre-packed solution, containing siliconates, which are frozen before use. Once holes have been drilled into the mortar line of the wall, the frozen pre-packs or ‘ice sticks’, are inserted directly into the mortar joints following the detailed instructions provided. Insertion into the mortar joints is the most direct method of tackling the damp head-on, as they are the major pathways for any rising damp. 

The product is extremely effective, through its slow diffusion method of spreading the active ingredients. This allows the chemicals to be dispersed through the capillaries themselves and be as effective as possible.

Differentiation from the many chemical DPCs that are available on the current market comes from the product’s unique frozen application, its rich history and the focus that Freezteq has; one product for over 50 years with continuous success.

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