FREEZTEQ Damp Proof Course

The Freezteq® damp proof course (DPC) system was invented in 1965 and has been applied globally as a means of damp-proofing a variety of masonry types. Freezteq is a tried and tested solution to the problem of rising damp. 

Today, we are proud to manufacture in Malvern, England and distribute Freezteq worldwide. Freezteq is an innovative, unique and highly effective damp-proof system which offers several major advantages over other remedial damp proof courses. The damp proof course system is based on a solution containing siliconates which come as individual sachets.

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Rising Damp

Rising damp refers to the upward capillary migration of water in masonry. It can become very problematic if the moisture penetrates vulnerable materials or finishes, as well as being extremely unsightly. Rising damp can potentially affect the structural integrity of the building, whilst living within a damp environment is often associated with health problems such as asthma. 

What is rising damp?
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The Freezteq damp proof course requires no specialist tools or equipment. The Freezteq system is suitable for use by anyone with a competent knowledge of DIY.


By using diffusion to tackle rising damp, Freezteq can be applied to all types of masonry, of varying thicknesses.


Freezteq has been preventing rising damp across the globe for over 50 years, proving itself time and time again, in various environments worldwide.
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