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The solution for damp problems in your structure

Building on the success of the innovative, proven Freezteq Original frozen solution for the issues of rising damp, Freezteq International Limited has now developed a complete system to protect your structure from damp and moisture ingress. It is a system that offers complementary reinstatement products, together with a broader range of products designed to assist in the protection and care of your structure.

About Freezteq

Freezteq® has been providing a solution to rising damp for over 50 years. The products have been used to stop rising damp in a multitude of buildings worldwide with repeated success.

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The Freezteq Original product simplifies the solution. It targets exactly where the problem is – the capillaries are the passageways for the rising damp, and it is these where Freezteq Original places its active ingredients to tackle the problem head on.


By using diffusion to tackle rising damp, Freezteq can be applied to all types of masonry, of varying thickness.


Freezteq has been preventing rising damp across the globe for over 50 years, proving itself time and time again, in various environments worldwide.

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